Employment Centre: who can use it and what is it for

The Employment Centre is an entity that depends on the Regions, whose activity consists in promoting the meeting between the demand and the supply of work.

The citizens that can register with the CPI are:

  • the unemployed
  • the unoccupied
  • the ones looking for employment or vocational training
  • workers receiving ordinary and extraordinary wage supplements (CIGO and CIGS)
  • civil or work invalids, who can benefit from the services of targeted placement
  • university students if they are available to work for a part-time job

The process for registering with an employment centre involves two steps. The first consists in signing the so-called DID “Declaration of Immediate Availability” which can be done autonomously online through the dedicated portals, by going directly to the CPI or through the Patronages.

People who are unemployed and employees who have received the notice of dismissal, even during the notice period can do the DID.

The second step is to make an appointment at the CPI for the signing of the Personalized Service Agreement which defines the mutual obligations between the person and the CPI. Through this Pact, the unemployed person undertakes to accept the job offers proposed by the CPI and to participate in the training initiatives promoted by the CPI.

The following documents are required at the time of subscription:

  • identity document or driving license;
  • for non-EU foreign citizens, the valid residence permit or, if expired, the request for renewal within 60 days from the expiry date;
  • the curriculum vitae in any format, on paper or in file;
  • for those who have lost their jobs, the last employment relationship concluded (for self-employed workers, a self-declaration is sufficient).

It is important to remember that for students who request the conversion of the residence permit from study to pending employment, the registration with the Employment Center is mandatory.