Electronic Health File: e-Health platform

The Electronic Health File (EHF) is a platform that contains all the information regarding the health and socio-health of a citizen. It is a pool where all the data of the health history of each of us converge. Both the current one and the previous ones. It is no longer necessary to go around with paper scraps because everything is digitized and easy to consult.

Who can see and enrichen it

This dossier is potentially visible and can be enriched by all health professionals throughout the national territory. Obviously with the authorization of the user who chooses who can see what. The patient can at any time modify the conditions regarding the Privacy, at his discretion. There is also the “Patient’s personal notebook” section in which the citizen uploads the health documents he deems appropriate and useful to share.

What is it useful for

The goal of creating this platform is the efficiency of the service provided to the patient, facilitating the integration of different professional skills and having complete information available.

The purpose of this initiative is to improve the quality of services regarding:

  • diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, prevention;
  • study and scientific research in the medical, biomedical and epidemiological fields;
  • health planning, verification of the quality of care and evaluation of health care.

How to activate this service varies from region to region. It can be done with the help of the General Practitioner or Free Choice Pediatrician or with the help of the staff of the National Health Service facilities, etc.

The user can then access their file with their login credentials or through digital identity tools such as SPID or CSN.