CEM: Certified e-mail, what does it consist of

We have often heard of CEM and perhaps we thought it was a very formal and institutional thing not dedicated to private citizens. But no. Even a private citizen can open and have a Certified Email account. In fact, can request a CEM account:

Having it can save us both time and money. CEM is a tool that allows you to send and receive e-mails. But not just any email. The e-mails sent with the CEM are considered as a registered letter with return receipt and have legal value. Therefore, it is a fast method of communication between citizens and companies and public administration entities. So, no more queues at post office doors.

As previously mentioned, having a CEM is a money saver but that doesn’t mean it’s free. Opening an account has a cost that varies depending on the duration, the plan chosen and the Provider with which we open it. However, the cost is usually, low and you can also have a free trial period.

Using a PEC is as simple as a classic e-mail address, it does not require dedicated hardware or anything else. E-mails can only be sent to other certified e-mails.

Currently, having a certified email address is mandatory only for companies, businesses (including individual ones) and freelancers enrolled in an association or board. When starting an activity, you are asked to communicate the certified e-mail address to the Register of Companies.

Among the Providers who offer this service, we can find: PosteItaliane, Aruba, Libero, Virgilio PEC, LegalMail, Register. On the website of each of these providers you will find information on how to open an account, the payment method and the necessary documents which usually consist of a form, provided by them, and an identity document.