Accident At Work: The Best Insurance Option

The often-fatal accident work bedevils the news headlines every day. The number of workplace fatalities in Italy has returned to pre-pandemic levels (averaging more than three fatalities daily). Thus, with the return to workplaces – following the end of smart working – both deaths and injuries have drastically increased.


Accident At Work

An accident at work is any injury caused by a violent event that results in a worker’s death or causes temporary or permanent disability. It is important to know that the injury must occur in the workplace, or it can also occur on the home-work commute. It, to be defined as such, must cause an injury that does not allow recovery before three days.

In Italy, the number of workers who died because of injuries in 2022 was 1090. On the other hand, claims for work-related injuries increased by 25 percent from the previous year. The most targeted sectors were health care, industry, and transportation.

Commuting Accidents and Occupational Diseases

Commuting injuries, that is, those related to moving from home to the workplace, also increased compared to 2021. This figure was certainly affected by the return to offices following the reduction in remote working.

Occupational diseases recognized by Inail have also returned to increase, with an increase of about 10 percent compared to 2021. The main diseases are attributable to osteo-muscular diseases, nervous system diseases, cancers, and respiratory system diseases.

What Is An Accident At Work Insurance?

Employers are required by law to pay for an accident policy for employees, which can insure them against workplace injuries. This coverage is fully managed by Inail and has been mandatory since 1965.

The employee can also freely choose to take out a private insurance policy, in addition to the state policy, to have greater personal security.

There are some categories, however, for which an occupational accident insurance policy is expressly required. For example, those who work at universities or research institutions as scientific researchers.

Accident And Sickness insurance Policy For Scientific Researchers

Scientific researchers who wish to continue their studies in Italy can access agreements with research institutions. In order to obtain a Visa and, subsequently, a Permit to Stay, they are required by law to enter into a contract and a Host Agreement, with a host institution that is listed in the appropriate register of the MIUR.

Among the documents that must be presented to consular authorities, an accident and sickness insurance policy must also be shown. This insurance covers all emergencies due to accident, illness, and possible hospitalization, with mandatory passage from the Emergency Room of a Public Hospital.

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