• health insurance

    The Complementary Health Care Policy for Foreigners

    When a non-EU foreign national decides to come to Italy, he or she must follow a defined bureaucratic path to obtain a Visa (and any subsequent Permit to Stay) from the Italian Consular Authorities in his or her country of origin. For citizens of the European Union, who do not have to follow the steps for obtaining a Visa, there is an obligation to register with the registry office in the case of a stay of more than 90 days in Italy.
  • Immigration

    The Integration of the Migrants: the PUOI Project

    One of the most critical aspects of migration is the difficulties of integrating foreign citizens into society. Too often there is a real marginalization of the migrant as such when, according to established studies and examples from other countries, there are essentially four factors that contribute to integration: employment, education, social inclusion, and active citizenship.