How to get Permit of Stay

The Permit of Stay is the document that attests to a foreign citizen (Non-Schengen Area), the opportunity to stay in Italy, whose duration and justification of release must coincide with those on the visa.
Where to apply for a residence permit?

And ‘possible to request permission to stay in dedicated offices of Commons, Unions, ATM only immigration, prefectures and the Italian Post Office, within 8 working days from Italy.

The Italian Post offices provide a kit that includes the application form and instructions for completion.
Subsequently, the applicant will be summoned to the police station through SMS and letter to be fingerprinted and subjected to for the issue of a residence permit in electronic format.
In order to obtain a residence permit the applicant shall, however, to demonstrate sufficient financial resources (surety) to live or study in Italy and be in possession of a health insurance which guarantees the right to medical care.

Here are the different types of  permits of stay:

Asylum (renewal)
Pending employment
Waiting for reacquisition of citizenship
Foreign residence card
Family child 14-18 years
Subordinate work
Sub-seasonal work
Religious reasons
Elective residence
Querying the Status of Statelessness (renewal)
Living labor art.27
Internship training profession

It is necessary to go directly to the police station for the following permits:

Medical care
Sports competition
Less integration
Younger age
Humanitarian grounds
Request stateless status (release)
Working Holiday
Residence permits for foreign family members of an Italian national and EU
Political asylum (request-release)

How to get permit of stay in Italy