Health insurance for foreign students in Italy

Planning to study in Italy?

Are you a non-EU citizen and you have to stay in Italy for study, for a period exceeding 90 days?
Below is everything you need:

1. A passport valid for at least 3 months (for some countries it must be valid for more than 6 months) to that of the requested visa;

2. A Visa for study purposes;

3. A documented proof of the course to be attended (certificate of enrollment);

4. The Airfare (or other means of transport) or round-trip flight reservations;

5. Confirmation of hotel booking or any other suitable accommodation;

6. Proof of possession of financial means (not less than € 350 for each month of the school year/academic) sufficient to maintain during their stay in Italy. The applicant, through appropriate documentation (eg. Statement of work, cash, credit card, traveler’s checks, suretyship policy issued in Italy, will have to try to be in a socio-economic situation or in a place of work and family that can ensure the his genuine interest in returning to homeland at the end of the period of validity of the visa;

7. Health insurance, valid in Italy (and the Schengen area).